We are an AgTech operation,
located in the pristine
Niagara Region in Welland, Ontario,
designed for the production of 1.2
million pounds of Hydroponically grown, fresh, pesticide-free and competitively priced leafy greens

Locally Grown

Competitively Priced
No Pesticides
No Herbicides
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Bringing Space-Age Technology to Cultivation!

By 2050, the world’s population will rise from today’s 7.6 Billion to an estimated 9.8 billion! According to the United Nations, food production must increase by 70% in order to feed this increasing urban population.

Climate Change and rampant topsoil erosion are disrupting food availability and quality. Under such circumstances, growing and harvesting food for a growing population will be a mounting challenge.

There is an urgent need to introduce smart farming to complement traditional harvesting methods.
Indoor vertical farming is one such smart way.



Minimal Land

Vertical hydroponics-based farming requires a fraction of the land required for conventional farming.


Higher Crop Yields

Light, nutrients, air temperature, CO2, humidity, water flow all working in complete harmony to ensure higher than usual crop yields.


Supply chain Tracking

Use of AI and Blockchain enables continuous monitoring, analyzing and optimization of the growing process from seed to crop.


Minimal Water

The recycling of water ensures efficient irrigation with zero wastage of water in contrast to conventional agriculture.


No Herbicides or Pesticides

Zero usage of herbicides or pesticides. Non GMO crops.


Lowest Carbon Footprint

Efficient use of land, water and other resources and considerably reduced wastage ensures that we generate lower carbon footprint in the world.

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